I am Anand Nav,
I’m a next generation business person with an old generation mentality!

In simple words: I’m very friendly and nice to everyone and I like to do all sorts of work,  as well as I have got many hobbies and interests in life, other than just works with my own company or partnering company’s.

I hope to make many new contacts and also learn new languages, cultural things at the same time share each others thoughts, ideas and business. So I’m hoping to meet new people and also start something new and vivid in this modern world.

About Character In Short:

People who inspired me during my school days: Albert Einstein For My Scientific Thinking, Bill Gates For My Business Thinking, Late Grandma (Mom’s side) For My Trading Business And As Leadership Role Inspirer.


Since I have worked with different local and international company’s my experience has always kept growing and to write it on a single page its really difficult.

So here is my information in short:
I’m a social networking expert and web creator at some of the international community sites like www.inmykingdom.net

Provider of e-commerce solutions, author and poet sometimes, an international trade, relations and co-operation’s  expert while also being an Information Technology expert since 2001 with major project leading since 2006.


Followed By Famous Company’s or Brands:

Samsung Mobile US

T-Mobile USA



Ching’s Secret


Vodafone Essar,India


Famous American Authors and Social Media Experts:


CEO/Founder oneforty.com/co-author Twitter for @Dummies

Guy Kawasaki

Co-founder of Alltop. Former chief evangelist of Apple. Author of Enchantment.

and so on to include from Twitter Followers list.

Connect with me on social networks via About.Me/AnandNav

When Darkness Meets Light!