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My 3D Goggles + Youtube 3D + 3D Mini Guide

Just got today my ordered 3D Glasses, which are made of plastic but give out a 98% true 3D experience as they are Anaglyph 3D (Red Cyan).¬†Plus I knew that with our big size HD TV in home we could watch it without any errors. Note: At first use you do get some eye¬†irritation’s¬†and even a small headache but longer use makes it okay to use them. I think this is like a new¬†experience¬†to everyone and for our own eye’s natural¬†adaptation. showing 3D section videos showing 3D section videos

Even¬†Youtube¬†has 3D video’s section.¬†Which you can check it out if you have similar type of these glasses. Just search 3D video’s in and look for the 3D mark for true 3D video’s. Just the size of these video’s double the normal HD video’s and so it may need faster internet speed and the bigger your PC/Laptop or HDTV screen the better will be your viewing¬†experience¬†always. A guide for uploading 3D videos on youtube can be found over here.


Oh and by the way, if you wish to create 3D video’s there are plenty of DIY ways and no need to go looking for an¬†experience 3D professional camera or even a 3D smartphone.
So the choice if your and even there are¬†software’s¬†to convert normal pictures into 3D.


In Android smartphones there is HTC EVO 3D or LG Optimus 3D in the forefront, which do come with dual camera’s for true HD 3D recording – [email protected] (2D), [email protected] (3D) and they even 3D¬†capacitive¬†screen and UI to go with the awesome 3D¬†experience.

Well that’s all for now and I hope that you liked my 3D blog and do post your comment or share this blog post if you liked it a lot.

Have a great time.
Anand Nav