Logitech Harmony 300 Remote

Logitech Harmony 300 Remote


I was really getting annoyed by the fact that we had to use 3-4 different remote controllers in our home. Specially when the electricity kept turning on and off, we had to use different remote to come back to watching our favorite channel or movie, and even keep different remotes was one space taking issue.


So choosing a universal remote which could be easily setup via a computer,laptop was the smart choice. Only one was really smart and easy to use and that was the Logitech Harmony 300 which had all that and great price tag.


Goodbye HD TV Remote, DTH Receiver Remote, and Home Theatre Remote.
Enter Logitech Harmony 300 Remote.

Logitech Harmony 300 replaces other remotes

Logitech Harmony remote being in program mode:

Okay that is all for now.
Do upgrade your home if possible. 🙂

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