Diwali Firecrackers Video Making And Getting Hit By One

While shooting this video of people celebrating the Diwali Festival with firecrackers the video ended with me getting minor burns. Why? One of those small rockets came and hit close to me and I had a near miss due to it. 🙂

Other issues of Diwali Festival:
Diwali is a festival of lights but its turning really harmful in India due to the excessive use of firecrackers that cause both sound and toxic pollution.

Mac Pro 2013

Feel like buying Apple Mac Pro 2013. But not going to buy it from India as its hard to say when its ever launching here etc. Also wondering how gaming will perform but the AMD FirePro Graphics are surely awesome in them along with the Intel Xeon Quad/6 Core other specifications. (link below)

Mac Pro 2013
Mac Pro 2013

Plus the price of living in China for 1-2 months is almost similar to my wish of buying the new Apple Mac Pro 2013. Really difficult choice to make really.  🙂

Check out official tech specifications and info: Apple Mac Pro 2013.

When Darkness Meets Light!