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InMyKingdomDotnet is a free and open to all friendly social portal.
Featuring user creating contents based on Fan sites with Forums, Wiki’s, Blogs, Solutions, and various projects to take part and explore with everyone.

This international community website has several members worldwide and increasing number of readers. Check it out to know more.

Kingdom E Community is an international group of people coming together to create something new and unique.

Combining English Users Community, Consulting, Training & Trading Services For Everyone.

开 思英语为 学生创建一个活泼快乐的气氛,使英语学习和国际化交流得到充分的提高 每 个学员可以在一个令人激动和愉快的经验中不断提升自己,享受英语带来的乐趣,而且在同一时间,也能全面的提高他们的综合能力!

Founder of SM2Go, a boutique social media management firm based in Pune, India. We work on real-time strategy, technology & advice for clients. Major part is creating Client’s online identity & identifying the key platforms which need to be used.

Check it out to know more.

For more info visit the Asian American Dreams Projects Page. 

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