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The ChaoZhou-Shantou Chinese Bus Ride. Plus Shopping.

Yesterday I tried Chinese bus for the first time. It was nice but the driver drove the bus in rough way all the time and Marek almost fell over a girl due to it.

Angry Shantou Bus Driver: 

Later when we were riding in a tricycle, we were taking pictures and videos. At that time the Shantou bus number 24 came in the middle of my video recording. That bus driver got angry after I took pic of him and he stopped our ride and shouted ‘Why are you taking my picture?’

It’s kind of weird as he was the one who come in middle of my video. So I had to delete the video due to his bad/weird behaviour.

Anyway he left in short time and we got to learn something new from this incidence.

Okay that all for now.
Enjoy the pictures and travel safely in any country.

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